August 3, 2021



‘Naked and Afraid’ contestant receives brutal personal injury in private pieces

On Naked and Scared XL Sunday, we caught up with survivalist E.J., who observed out firsthand final week just how unsafe that full bare section of the show’s title can be. Soon after falling off a tree department and into the swamp, he sustained an harm to a rather sensitive place. And let us just say, it was pretty nuts.

It turns out, E.J. endured numerous lacerations to his scrotum, and was offered the selection by the show’s medical workers of tapping out of the competitiveness and obtaining stitched up at a sterile healthcare facility, or keeping in the match and getting the stitches accomplished suitable then and there. And irrespective of the really serious hazard of an infection possibly leading to reduction of genitalia or even dying, E.J. chose to continue to be in the video game and was offered a full of 8 stitches. Regrettably, he was ordered to stay out of the water and to get it quick for seven to 10 days so he didn’t disrupt the stitches, a tall task for a person attempting to hunt and endure in a swampy region.

So on Sunday’s episode, the harm was however pretty substantially a worry for E.J., who was undertaking his finest to choose it uncomplicated. Luckily, fellow contestants Max and Gary identified their way to E.J.’s camp and teamed up with the savvy veteran, supporting him with substantially of the significant lifting essential for survival. As well as, E.J. had the great dialogue starter when they arrived.

“I also pretty much chopped my balls off yesterday,” E.J. reported, lifting up his loincloth.

The health care staff arrived after all over again to examine on his stitches and make absolutely sure there was no an infection, and E.J. was offered the environmentally friendly light to preserve going. And it’s that will E.J. has proven to carry on with the challenge that has certainly amazed his fellow survivalists.

“The guy’s out right here and he is busted his balls broad open and he stayed out below,” Gary mentioned. “I suggest, this is the type of person he is, this is the type of survivalist he is. And I am honored and privileged to be out in this article with E.J.”

Naked and Scared XL airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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