May 16, 2022



China’s regulation on chaotic amusement market ‘will not have an impact on usual exchanges with any country’: Chinese Embassy in South Korea

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Experiencing issues from South Korea over irrespective of whether the latest restrictions on distorted “lover circle” lifestyle and chaotic amusement marketplace “intentionally specific South Korea,” the spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea clarified China’s situation on Wednesday, stressing that all the efforts are aimed at celebrities or fans who violate moral perform and Chinese guidelines and it will not have an affect on standard exchanges concerning China and any other place.

As the Cyberspace Administration of China issued heightened steps on August 27 to crack down on the harmful on line lover tradition and lower extraordinary idol worshipping by underage enthusiasts, media outlets in South Korea fearful that China’s new demanding laws will have a huge influence on the country’s leisure sector, due to the fact China is a single of the largest sources of revenue for main Korean amusement companies.

Such problems escalated when China’s major social media platform, Sina Weibo, declared on September 5 that it experienced banned for 60 days a South Korean boy band BTS’ lover club account for unlawful fundraising. Weibo declared 12 several hours afterwards that it experienced proceeded to block 21 other Chinese fan group accounts of for 30 times.

The spokesman explained in a statement printed on Wednesday that not too long ago, there have been regular incidents of moral lapses and violations of legal guidelines involving Chinese stars, these as tax fraud, sexual assault, and drug abuse. For instance, a well-known overseas singer was arrested by the law enforcement on suspicion of rape, and an actor’s recurring visits to Japan’s infamous Yasukuni Shrine had been boycotted by the Chinese community. In both of those situations, the spokesperson referred to Canadian Singer Kris Wu and actor Zhang Zhehan. 

The spokesman pointed out that the difficulty of sick “admirer circle” culture in the Chinese enjoyment business is turning into ever more outstanding, with various lover bases abusing and slandering each other, participating in malicious promoting, and even forcing supporters, which include minors, to raise funds to assistance this sort of acts. 

“These varieties of conduct spread a ton of damaging data to the society, creating a big detrimental affect on the admirer circle, mostly young persons, and some even violate the legislation, which significantly hinders the healthier growth of the entertainment business,” the spokesman said.

In response to these types of a negative phenomenon, the related Chinese authorities have urgently issued prohibitive and punitive actions to control entertainers’ destructive advertising and stimulate nutritious usage, launching a collection of distinctive steps focusing on the rectification of abnormal culture in the leisure market and the chaotic “supporter circle.”

The spokesperson pointed out that China and South Korea have acquired from just about every other via hundreds of yrs of exchanges and have formed profound historical and cultural ties. 

“This is the launch calendar year of the ‘China-South Korea Cultural Exchange 12 months,’ and the yr 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of China-South Korea diplomatic relations, to additional improve friendly bilateral cooperation which conforms to the pattern of the occasions, conforms to the individuals, and serves the essential pursuits of both equally sides,” the spokesperson mentioned, stressing that China will readily go on to reinforce cultural exchanges with the South Korea, persuade positive cultural exchanges and cooperation, even though rejecting vulgarity and vulgar comparisons.

“We hope that cultural exchanges involving the two countries will develop into an inexhaustible driving pressure for the progress of the China-South Korea bilateral connection in the new era and enjoy a constructive function in boosting inter-personal bonds,” the spokesperson stated.